DocuSign and SignatureBridge

DocuSign: Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management

DocuSign welcomes and equips offices with modern electronic signature capabilities.
Equipping a firm with electronic signature capabilities allows efficient workflow or approval, securely and digitally.


DocuSign is well integrated with NetDocuments with the module: SignatureBridge, developed by Trumpet.

SignatureBridge allows firms to manage their contacts, agreements or transactional documents, providing a bridge between its Document Management System (NetDocuments) and eSignature solution (DocuSign).

The key features to the integration:

  • Route Documents for eSignature
    Send out files from your document management system to multiple users for eSignature
  • Monitor eSignature Status
    Instantly identify documents routed for signature and monitor signature status from within your document management system
  • Aggregate Signed Documents Automatically
    Once all signatures have been captured, SignatureBridge automatically checks the document back into your document management system