Discover a world of difference with easy-to-use productivity software, increase efficiency and productivity while reducing risks in managing your business critical documents.

Ranging from PDF integration, workflow technology and software solutions, DocsCorp applications are used by legal, corporate, financial, government and educational institutions to create, manage, and store business-critical documents and forms in PDF format.


Compare anything to anything

compareDocs is the world’s best document comparison tool. It compares doucments with incredible accuracy, reliability and speed across all document types.
compareDocs Datasheet here.

Remove metadata in microseconds

cleanDocs for desktop and mobile users is a breakthrough technology that delivers on speed, flexibility and control to protect against accidental information and metadata leaks.
cleanDocs Datasheet here.

Create and collate PDFs easily

pdfDocs is an affordable PDF solution with all the tools you need to manage PDF collation, editing and distribution from a user interface that is immediately familiar.
pdfDocs Datasheet here.

2016 has been a milestone year for DocsCorp and is evident in the availability of compareDocs cloud as a Word Add-in, extending the functionalities of Office 365 and its suite of office applications.

This allows users to mobile work, made available on any compatible device.