Firm Feature – Law Connect LLC

This week, we feature the firm Law Connect LLC with Ms Mala Ravindran, an experienced lawyer covering a wide range of matters, including insurance related matters, family and medical negligence providing sound legal advice to her clients over the years.

The firm adopted CoreMatter and NetDocuments in 2018, to streamline the firm’s operations and consolidate information into centralised databases.
CoreMatter, a cloud-based Practice Management and Accounting platform, allows Mala to access her client-matter files whereever she is, whether on her computer or her mobile devices.

The project represented itself as a good opportunity to learn about the good work provided by Mala and the firm and how a trusted legal adviser can prove to be an important ally. Mala provided the following insights to illustrate this:

Protection from Harassment
The firm assisted a distressed Managing Director of a company, who was frequently harassed by her fellow director and shareholder. Taking heed from the ‘Protection From Harassment Act 2014’, Law Connect LLC assisted the lady to successfully obtain a protection order.

Interest-free Loan
A father and a son. One loan agreement between the two parties, which resulted in the son defaulting on loan repayments. Despite the borrower given opportunities to settle the outstanding amounts, the firm successfully obtain judgement in favour of the father after a 1 day trial.
This was a true lesson on emotional warfare!

Probate & Wills
The firm successfully contested a Probate related matter which involved a father’s son, who was able to obtain a Probate ahead of his father.
It was discovered that the son, through DNA tests, was illegitimate and unfortunately, the father had become ill and did not have the ability to construct a Will to disinherit his son.
The moral of the story – do not deliberate in drawing up a Will.

Mental Capacity Act
What happens when the father or mother that you knew does not know or recognise you anymore? What is Lewy Body Dementia? Law Connect LLC can successfully obtain an order for deputyship to allow you to manage your parent’s personal and financial affairs until their passing. We have successfully obtained deputyship orders such that you can ease the financial pain while you deal with the emotional pain of dealing with the situation.

Divorce & Maintenance
What happens when your partner demands more than she should. As a former-husband, are you expected to cover her keep for the rest of your life?
For one of our clients, the firm assisted in processing a divorce for a former-husband despite elevated settlement demands from the wife. We would also advise that couples factor in pre-nuptial agreements with our advice to spare the potential headache in the future.

Medical Negligence
What happens when a simple knee replacement goes wrong? What if the attendant doctor did not pay heed to the signs? Talk to us. Let us assess the situation and discuss the potential steps in medical negligence matters.

Ms Mala Ravindran is a director at Law Connect LLC.
The content above does not represent professional legal advice and should not be relied on.
Please consult your legal advisor should you require legal advice.
Should you wish to have a consultation with Mala, please visit the firms website at:













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