Firm Feature: WhiteFern LLC

Today, we feature a new segment: Firm Feature.

The Firm Feature segment will profile firms who have leveraged on legal technology platforms to better enable the firm, the people and their clients.

WhiteFern LLC, a new up-and-coming firm, specialises in the commercial and insurance litigation and dispute resolution practice areas.
Led by Mr K. Anparasan and Ms Grace Tan, both formerly of Withers KhattarWong, the firm adopted CoreMatter and NetDocuments through the Tech Start for Law Programme. The experienced duo lead a team of inspiring young lawyers. Together, the firm is represented by their commitment in growing the practice and a strong focus on their clients’ requirements and needs.

The team echoed the direction of Business Network Solutions Singapore, who assisted in the implementation and support of CoreMatter and NetDocuments at the firm.
Both parties agreed that the world is truly moving in a fast paced manner. Clients expect quick responses. Lawyers expect to work quickly, in a digital and mobile environment. Access to information and its reliable availability has become mandatory. Now, support teams form a vital cog in the firm, providing greater value to not only their fee-earner teams, but to the firm’s clients.

Leveraging on smart legal-centric platforms and harnessing their features, traditionally accessible only by the larger firms, have now become strategic decisions by firms of all sizes, with WhiteFern LLC a perfect benefactor.

The Tech Start for Law Programme was an initiative by The Law Society of Singapore, Ministry of Law and SPRING Singapore in 2017/18, providing Singapore law firms with up to 70% funding support for the first year cost of adopting legal technology platforms such as CoreMatter and NetDocuments.

CoreMatter, a cloud-based Practice Management and Accounting system, has allowed the firm and its users access to a centralised database for Client-Matter information, billing activities, invoice generation and all accounting related functions. Accompanying CoreMatter is NetDocuments, a powerful true cloud-based Document and Email Management System. An enabler, a productivity and efficiency driver, the firm access digital matter workspaces, containing all important documents and emails, accessed in a secure manner by the firm, anytime, anywhere.

For more information on WhiteFern Law and their services, please visit:

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