NetDocuments 16.3 Update Notes

Business Network Solutions (Singapore) with NetDocumentsThe next update for NetDocuments, 16.3 will be applicable to all datacentres starting from 29 September 2016.

These are highlights of the new release of NetDocuments.

New Folder Searching
Conducting a search within folders

Searching Within a Filter or a Saved Search
Conducting a  search within a filter or Saved Search, by selecting the filter or Saved Search and then going to the Simple Search or the Advanced Search page and performing the search. The criteria for the filter or the Saved Search will be automatically included into the search criteria.

Refreshing a Workspace
Option to perform a refresh on a workspace whilst retaining all custom data and only refresh the template-based data (filters and Saved Searches).

Universal Links for iOS
When links to documents and folders are opened on iOS devices, the user will be taken to the iOS app to open the item.

Upload Email Messages
Using the Upload button, email messages (msg and eml files) imported from the Windows environment will be be parsed in the same way as if they had been filed via EMS in Outlook. The message’s header information (Sent By, Sent Date, etc.) including attachments, will be parsed and displayed in list views.

Additional Folder Sort Options
Users now have additional options for sorting folder contents. Under Folder Options > Default Sort Order, users can sort by Created Date, Created By, and file extension.

For full report by NetDocuments, please click here.

Parties interested in making NetDocuments their preferred secured cloud-based Document Management Solution, feel free to contact Von or Daniel by sending them an email.

Von – Send Email
Daniel – Send Email

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