Document Management for Corporate Legal Counsels

Corporate legal counsels have the same document management requirement as their counterparts in legal firms.

  • They deal with many documents, working with MSOffice and PDF files, conducting document comparisons, managing multiple document versions and sharing these documents by secure means with internal colleagues or external collaborators.
  • They have evidentiary emails to file to relevant subject matter spaces for future reference or easy recollection rather than trawling through large email archives.
  • They work in teams that could be spread across multiple locations and different timezones.
  • They would like to work anywhere, anytime and on any type of devices – PC, Macs, tablets, smartphones – using a trusted interface that is thoroughly secure.


Yet, many corporate legal counsels are not equipped with a document management system unlike their counterparts in legal firms. They do not have their organisation’s support to procure computer servers and specialist software and people to support a legal document management solution.

Business Network Solutions (Singapore) with NetDocuments

NetDocuments solves this.

A cloud solution that is available in a software-as-a-service model, payable per user per month, with no onsite server and software to maintain.

Yet NetDocuments has all the full features of document management functions, including first class security, ease of use and simplicity.

NetDocuments is integrated with Microsoft Office (including O365 and MS Outlook) and other Legal solutions to assist legal professionals be more productive.

NS Bluescope Regional Corporate Counsel division in Singapore has their counsels located in 7 countries.
BNS is delighted to work closely with the Bluescope team in implementing NetDocuments and greatly appreciates the testimonial from Amber Williams.

“We selected NetDocuments as our document management solution for our group because of our need to work efficiently and effectively with team members across 7 different countries and frequently travelling to remote locations. We needed a solution that was 100% reliable, quick, collaborative and simple to use from anywhere on any device, allowing us to focus on delivering value in our legal work, without the time wasting distraction of an inefficient, often inaccessible file management system. NetDocuments integrates very well with our Microsoft Office and Outlook system allowing us to save our documents and emails into the appropriate workspaces and find them again easily (with intuitive searching).

We have confidence in NetDocuments. It gives us a secure platform that supports seamless collaboration across the team and, when required, with external parties, as well as creating a safe repository for our collective knowledge and corporate memory.

We selected Business Network Solutions in Singapore to implement the solution. Von and Daniel have been amazingly responsive and very practical – there to help us every step of the way through system design, implementation and support. Being a true cloud solution that does not require any onsite servers, we were set up and operational very quickly. We are now enjoying finding more and more functionality and uses we didn’t expect (but are very grateful to have!).”

– Amber Williams – General Counsel, NS Bluescope Pte Ltd

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