Technology Day with The Law Society of Singapore

“It is trite that to remain competitive, law firms must boost operational efficiency wherever possible”, was the leading message to the Law Society of Singapore‘s first Technology Day, held on the 8th of July 2016.

Indeed, a law firm reigns supreme when able to harness the power and potential of modern technology, and CoreMatter is excited to be included in this movement of transforming the legal industry for the better, addressing future needs in the legal technology innovation space.

Law Society of Singapore.jpg

An oversubscribed one-day event which consisted of technology provider showcases and concurrently-run were several speakers in the Legal Technology sector, speaking on an array of modern topics, such as an introduction to Cloud Technology, available Government Grants and Cloud Applications.



CoreMatter, a cloud-based Practice Management and Accounting Solution, participated, giving the legal community a snippet of how a solution can assist a firm embrace technology and experience a positive impact on their business, with key focuses on how to boost productivity and efficiency.


Also on showcase were Business Network Solutions Singapore other suite of represented productivity enhancing applications.
Participants were particularly showing interest in NetDocuments, the premier cloud-based Document and Email Management System, allowing firms and its users to have secure access to all their documents, from anywhere, at anytime.


Participants were also introduced to the option of defraying the investment costs to such solutions with the help of Government Grant schemes and organizations such as SPRING Singapore.

We look forward to continued participation to assist law firms and businesses alike, equipping themselves with innovative, modern solutions, such as CoreMatter.


Said Chief Executive Officer of the Law Society of Singapore, Mr Zaid Hamzah, “Given the positive feedback, the Law Society is planning to hold Technology Day as a regular feature of our programs for members.”, and that the next step the Law Society of Singapore was embarking on was the proposed Legal Industry Transformation Program (“LITP”), to strengthen the legal industry in Singapore, the region and globally. Read more here.

The Law Society of Singapore can be contacted here.

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